Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to Counter Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Many employees and even job applicants opt to keep shut about the adverse treatment that some may be receiving from a company they hopped in for the fear of being unhelpfully attacked or retaliated. This is a decade old belief that must be thrown out of the mind of majority because these days, there are a lot of avenues and means to guard everyone’s rights.

As there are many forms of employment discrimination and one of it - racial discrimination in the workplace is greatly prevalent. What the affected employee must do then is to immediately report the incident to his or her employer. If nothing happens, here are the other options.

·         Report the incident to your company’s Human Resources Department
·         Bring up the matter to your employees’ union
·         Approach your company’s legal counsel or advice center
·         Report to your locality’s court
·         Report to your local Citizen’s Advice Bureau
·         Report to your local Racial Equality Council

However, if you are not that confident or comfortable of going to such agencies, you can also have your personalized legal guide through a racial discrimination attorney. Such expert has the best-centralized knowledge regarding racial discrimination lawful matters.

Meanwhile, if your employer is the one doing the harassment, it is best to follow the process laid out by your organization to report such forms of racial discrimination. Keep a copy of the written statement or complaint that you filed to the management. It is important because you will be breaching the rules of your company if you will not follow set policies.

In the event that your employment tribunal or the court has found legal grounds regarding your claim, you may be compensated for your lost earnings as well as emotional pain and suffering. The court is responsible for informing your employer as a response to his or her misconduct.

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