Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Discrimination: How Does It Start and How Can You End It

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Nobody deserves to be treated less. All human beings are created equally no matter what their differences are. Everybody has their different skills and abilities that when meshed together can create great results. However some people find it quite hard to open up and treat all of the people with fairness and equality. Some think of others less just because of their physical appearance or because of their race.

Why discrimination happens?

According to studies there are some reasons as to why men discriminate. Here are some of them.

Has something to do with evolution.
Men have adaptive strategies to things that are different to them. This defensive response proved to work well in some situations. However, when acts become prejudice to groups, this response becomes bad and ceases to be adaptive. That is when discrimination happens.

Misrepresentation of facts. Stereotyping may have positive attributes; however, these have harmful effects on their subjects. Negative stereotyping is usually created from a certain truth that has been affecting the sense of self-worth in some people.

Ignorance, fear, anger, or jealousy. These things lead to the formation of bigoted and xenophobic attitudes that hurt others.

Stopping discrimination in the workplace

Now that you understand where discrimination comes from, how do you go around and stop it? First, people who discriminate must be properly educated. By knowing the truths from made-up ideas, one will be able to understand that discrimination has serious effects on the people you inflict it to. One should also be made realize of how seriously these acts affect people. Finally, you must eliminate fear, anger, or jealousy by fostering a positive attitude in the workplace; a harmonious relationship between the workers in a workplace.

Moves to eliminate discrimination in the federal sector

Despite the various laws and efforts made to prevent workplace discrimination, truth is that it still exists. And so the government, through its agencies has been continuously coming up with new projects to promote equality in the workplace. One of those is the No FEAR Act. According to a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer this new law has provisions that are specifically made to prevent discrimination among federal sector employees. And so if you have been working in the federal sector and continue to experience discrimination, make sure that you consult an expert lawyer so you could get sensible legal advice and be able to file your complaints as soon as possible.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fighting against Sexual Harassment: What You Need to Know

So you have been a victim of your bosses’ sexually-charged jokes and lewd acts? Being subjected to such disrespect and harassment is indeed so traumatizing. However, you should not let emotions guide the way you act on things. Winning your battle against sexual harassment needs you to be all matured and determined to take on the challenges you will face.

Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment

To help you come up with a better strategy to go and fight for your rights, here are some of the tips from a Los Angeles labor lawyer that can help you in this long and difficult battle:

·        Do not quit. Winners never quit and quitters never win, so the cliché goes; but it is definitely true. Most abused workers would decide to quit as soon as the first or first few incidents of sexual harassment happens. Being abused is indeed scary so it is quite normal for people to think about quitting when abused. For you to be able to seek other legal remedies, you need to first exhaust all efforts possible in your workplace to resolve the issue. So if you’re planning to pursue your case eventually, make sure to stay and file the necessary complaints.

·         Know your company’s policies. Look for sexual harassment clauses in your employee handbook. Remedies to combat sexual harassment are there. Put these to good use.

·           Write it down. Writing details about the abuses against you is the most formal way of filing a complaint. Keeping a written record off all the offenses made against you, helps build the credibility of the complaint you are, or will be, filing.

·          Sex is not the operative word. Unwanted remarks, groping, and sexual overtures are not the only forms of sexual harassment. Any form of harassment against your gender is also considered sexual harassment.

·           Keep reporting forms of harassment and retaliation. Let the authorities know about the continuing offenses you are being subjected to. Report instances of harassment as they happen.

·        You have people behind you. Always remember that you are never alone and your family, friends, and colleagues are cheering for you to continue the fight.

It is not easy to go up against power and abuse. However, having the right mindset, the right information, and help can help ensure your victory against these abusive people.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Filing Your Employment Discrimination Raps

Protect Your Rights
Have you been discriminated against lately but didn’t know what to do to go and file your claim? To help you fight for your rights, we have come up with a list of things you should remember when filing your discrimination complaint to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

·         Check if the incident you are about to file a complaint for will still be accepted by the EEOC. There is only a limited period of time where the EEOC will process you complaint. For employees of private firms, you have 180 days to come up with a complaint and file it to the agency. For federal employees on the other hand, you only have 45 days since the last day of the discrimination or harassment took place. However, there are a few exceptions where the EEOC offers a 300-day complaint filing timeframe.

·         Get as much pieces of evidence that you can have to prove the harassment or discrimination. Any document such as notarized written witness accounts, any correspondence with your employer, written records of alleged discrimination, and employment or personnel files that can support your case would do.

·         File the complaint the way you want it. You can call any local EEOC field office to ask if you can file the complaint and ask if they do take walk-ins. You can also mail your complaint to the EEOC office near you. Finally, you can also call them up on their toll-free hotline, 1-800-669-4000 to begin the process of filing over the phone. Wait for the EEOC’s return call within 10 days after you have formally filed your complaint.

·         Settle the dispute through the EEOC’s mediation process if it is requested. An impartial mediator will listen to you and your employer’s sides before they come up with a decision.

·         Be patient and wait for the EEOC’s decision. They’d try to attempt a settlement with your employer, but if there’s no success in that, you will then receive a Notice of Right to Sue. Only then you can press charges against your employer with the help of a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer.

Filing your complaint is easy; you just have to arm yourself with the right information to make sure that you are doing things right. Hopefully, this simple guide will help you with your employment discrimination woes.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What California Employees Should Be Aware Of With Regard to Whistle Blowing

Some employers often engage in activities that don’t only incur legal consequences, but may also result in employees revealing such acts. As it is, exposing the wrongdoing of one of the high-ranking officials of a company is one of the most courageous acts that an individual, or an employee for that matter can do. More often than not, doing so is more of a conscious action to do what is right.

However, not all employees have the bravery to put up a brave effort to combat the illegal acts of their employers. One of the underlying reasons why they can’t put a stop on these is because of the fact that some employers are known for their notoriety in sanctioning them in retaliation for their actions; much more so if the issue at hand revolves around fraud.

Incidentally, if you are an employee working in a California workplace and you think your employer is engaging in a fraudulent activity, don’t let yourself be intimidated. You must know that your worker rights are protected, especially with regard to disclosing such information about your employer to a legal representative or the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).

Protect Your Rights | Whistle-blowing Act

Meanwhile, here are some of the things that California employees like you should know when you have mustered enough courage to reveal your employer’s illegal activities:

·         When you file a case against your employer, not only are you protected under at least one statute. You may actually be protected under more than one, according to what the state law dictates.

·         Many nations have their own legislations that protect whistleblowers. In fact, the U.S. federal laws on whistleblowing claims call for the investigation and prevention of certain employer activities that are deemed illegal under international standards. Such laws also protect you from possible retaliatory acts from your employer.

·       The illegal act you expose in your claim would determine the type of legal protection, as well as its extent, that you may receive as a whistleblower.

Consulting with an experienced Los Angeles employment lawyer will help you become informed with regards to the laws that apply to your case. Having a legal representative by your side would help increase your chances of winning your case against your employer.