Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Youth@Work and the EEOC’s Advocacy to Prevent Abuse against Employees

 The young ones at work are the future of the country. For one, they are already on board the various companies and are making their mark in various industries. The United States’ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) wants to make sure that the young workers are educated about their responsibilities and rights.

That is why the program, Youth@Work was established This initiative helps make sure that their employers are doing everything that they can to create a positive work experience.

This initiative has three main components:

·         The site. It is dedicated for the education of youngsters about their rights and responsibilities at work. The pages on this site contain explanations about acts of discrimination, enabling them to have the right reaction to such. It also features an engaging “Challenge Yourself” tool that lets them test their knowledge on analyzing discrimination scenarios at work.

·         Outreach events. Various events are held for high school students, youth organizations, and even small businesses where young employees are present. These programs lay out the laws enforced by the EEOC, as well as the rights and responsibilities of both the employees and employers so young workers will be better aware of what they need to know as they go and embark on their careers.

·         Projects in partnership with some business leaders, human resource groups, as well as industry trade associations. The EEOC is open for any possible partnerships with various groups as long as it involves the promotion of equal employment opportunity to all employees around the country, especially the young ones.

The fight against workplace abuse is a continuing battle not just for the EEOC, but for all abused employees around the country, especially the young, helpless workers. That is why the EEOC is opening its doors to people willing to help its cause.

One day, there would be no need for any employee to hire the services of a Los Angeles employment lawyer to defend them as they file cases of abuse against their employers. Let us all work together to put a stop to workplace harassment and abuse.

If you are interested in having EEOC speak to your high school or organization, or you want to help in the promotion of EEOC’s program, you may send the EEOC an e-mail at Youth.AtWork@eeoc.gov.

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