Friday, May 17, 2013

New Reason for Whistleblowers to Surface

Everyone grew up with various institutions inculcating the right values. It is one’s nature to believe in what’s right and stand up for it. However, as one grows up and deals with the real world, he or she faces deception, corruption, abuse, and all bad things that one can think of. With all of the negativity around, some people are lured and swayed into being one of the bad guys. Meanwhile, others choose to just keep quiet and leave in peace. Everybody’s innate goodness dictates what’s wrong and some people do go and stand up for what is right.

Fighting for what’s right

These days, doing what’s right can be very difficult. You’d face all of the possible discouragements that will make you think twice about doing what you have to do. In the workplace for example, your employer might retaliate against you, terminating you with no valid reason, making life harder for you and your family. That should not discourage you from doing what’s right for the government has put in place a law that will protect you from retaliation. Ever since its implementation in 1989, the Whistleblower Act has been able to provide the protection to employees that have reported and disclosed information of fraud, abuse, waste, or violations of laws, rules, or regulations. Many workers have benefited from the protection that this law provides.

Whistleblower’s act: Reloaded

However, federal workers are still falling victims to violation of whistle blowing laws. That is why the Senate came up with the Whistleblower Protection and Enhancement Act of 2012 that aims to cover the loopholes of the law, especially for federal employees. Here are some of the vital provisions of this new whistleblower protection law:

•    Clearer, wider scope of protection. The statutes of who’s eligible for protection has been changed to cover more and more people who come forward to report wrongdoings in the workplace
•    Discourages retaliation against federal workers. Through expanded penalties for any act of retaliation, it is more difficult to retaliate against others.
•    Removal of provisions that are “unfriendly” to whistleblowers. By removing some statutes that make it difficult for whistle blowers to seek justice, more and more people will be encourage to stand up and fight for their rights.

Going against people in authority is a difficult thing to do. However, these new protection offered by the recently amended Whistleblower’s act should give you the courage to stand up for what is right to finally right what is wrong in your workplace.

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