Tuesday, August 27, 2013

100 Years of Department of Labor: 100 Years of Fighting For Employee Protection

In March 4, 1913, the workers in the United States have found an ally in the government. In that day, legislation paved the way for the creation of the US Department of Labor. This agency of the government is responsible for representing the Labor Sector in the White House. The DOL is responsible for ensuring that the rights and welfare of the American workforce are protected and upheld at all times. This ensures the protection of every worker from abuse, harassment, discrimination, and other unfair practices by employers. This also makes sure that all the employment and labor laws are properly implemented.

The DOL: A hundred years after

One hundred years after its institution, the DOL has continued to not just provide protection for employees, it is also is responsible for the creation of jobs, the improvement of working conditions, and ensuring that workers are provided with access to benefits and are aware of their rights. In celebration of its centennial the following events highlight the agency’s contributions in its 100 years of existence:

  • The release of a report about the Moynihan Black Poverty Report and what 50 years after

  • A video about the state of the US Labor and Employment Relations for the past 100 years

  • A Bloomberg report about the Women’s Bureau’s Esther Peterson and how she have fought for the equal pay for women in the workplace

  • MSNBC’s report that honors former Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins, the architech of Social Security on her 133rd birthday

  • The posting of a question about the DOL on Jeopardy

  • The choosing and the celebration of the life of Frances Perkins as the best “Labor saint

  • A Federal News Radio guesting of Carl Fillichio, senior adviser for Public Affairs and Communications of the Labor Department where the Labor sector’s past, present, and future was discussed

  • Celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and

  • An academic symposium with the Labor Department held in Cornell University

DOL: 100 years and beyond

The celebration of the Labor Department’s 100th year is just one of the many more celebrations that are about to come. A group of Los Angeles employment lawyers believe that the agency through its leadership and the participation of all citizens can make a huge impact in once and for all ensure the fostering of a perfect working environment for every American. That is why these Los Angeles attorneys encourage everybody to be an active player in helping achieve the goals of the Labor Department in the next hundreds of years.

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