Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Basic Steps to Oppose Employment Discrimination

Employment discrimination is defined as an act of unfair or unfavorable treatment of any member of the company as to which then affects his or her job performance. Discrimination can be based on a person’s preference on gender, religion, natural origin, color, race, age, or disability.

The following are the important considerations if you feel that you are a subject of employment discrimination in your workplace. These will help you in any way as to how you should be reacting to such occurrence.

Let the offender know. There are times wherein the person who is doing something to you is not aware that you find his or her conduct offensive. Hence, you have to let him or her know about it. The next level of complaint shall take place if the offender does not stop even if apprehended by the victim.

Follow the company procedure. This is important if you want to pursue legal actions against the wrongdoer. If your employer has set particular processes as regards filing a complaint, then it is imperative to conform to it. However, if there is none, you have to raise the complaint to your immediate boss.

File an administrative charge. You will need the help of a government agency in the event that nothing happens to your protest within your office. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the human or civil rights enforcement agency is normally in charge with this type of claim. Such agencies will most likely investigate your claim and will strive to resolve it by negotiating with your employer.

In addition, you may also consult a lawyer and have your case evaluated. You may ask whether or not your situation will entitle you to bring the case to the court.

Meanwhile, employment discrimination can be, at least prevented if not stopped, if you do something to oppose it. Besides, the aforementioned processes are not too much for you to do and will not cause you any harm as long as you are not violating any legal matters.

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