Friday, May 18, 2012

Racial Discrimination: Its Roots and Forms

Some people are likely to believe that their race is superior to others. These beliefs have led to the death of thousands and even millions across the globe.

Historically, World War II started due to Hitler’s quest to show humankind that Germans were far superior. This ended brutally, making people realize that humans are created equal and would therefore need to have equal rights. 

Experts in the field of human interaction, on the other hand, called the act of humiliating or maltreating people belonging to different race as racial discrimination.   Some of the elements that constitute this are the following:

·         Color
·         Race
·         National Origin

The law specified under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its corresponding amendment in 1991 strictly forbids racial discrimination in the United States. This country was said to have been created due to the involvement of different states, and it would therefore be a violation to its creation if people discriminate one another. 

In addition, companies under this law should not reject applicants or employees due to their nationality, especially if the person is qualified for the job. Qualification meant that the person has the necessary educational attainment or experience for the job. Here are some of the other elements that workers can consider as acts that fall under the category of discrimination:

·         Not promoting the employee
·         Not letting the employee have leaves
·         Rejecting applications due to race
·         Lowering the employee’s wages

Employees or applicants who claim that they were racially discriminated may have a hard time proving this. There are times when the company tends to put up an alibi such as they have chosen the other applicant because that person is more qualified than the victim. To ensure that there really was a violation done to that employee, the EEOC will then conduct an in-depth investigation to verify if the allegations were true.

It would be very useful on the part of the victim if he or she would employ the services of a California employment discrimination attorney. This legal expert would ensure that the liable party is prosecuted and the rightful damages awards to compensate for what the client has lost are achieved.

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