Friday, August 17, 2012

Employees’ Right to Question Their Termination

Los Angeles Employment Discrimination

One of the most distinguished labor policies that employees are not in favor of is the “at-will” employment.

Its popular definition meant that the company owner has no liability under the law if he or she wishes to fire a worker. Actually, this is quite untrue, since at-will explicitly states that the termination should be done under valid reasons in line with the law. 

Accordingly, a worker who questions his or her dismissal and suspects that it is illegal may assert his or her rights by seeking the help of legal professionals. In this regard, he or she may consult an employment attorney.

Since most cases of wrongful termination happen in the State of California, it would suffice to get the services of a good Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer. If the lawyer proves that the following violations were committed against the employee, the employer could face heavy penalties from the government: 

Discrimination – Discrimination is the most prevalent reason for the illegal dismissal of workers. Accordingly, employees are given the right to decide for themselves and to be treated fairly no matter what skin color, age, religion, nationality, gender, sexual preference, and disability that they have. Employees should therefore expect that they should be categorized through their qualifications and not because of some biases. 

Refusal to commit an illegal act – A company owner has no right of firing a worker who refuses to commit an illegal act as directed by the administration. This may happen once the employer asks the laborer to do actions that they know are against those prescribed under the Constitution. If this happens, the employer has clearly violated certain employment rights. 

Retaliation – This is described as the cruel and inhumane treatment of an employee who has participated in an investigation against the company or has expressed discontent towards the administration. Most cases of retaliation ends in wrongful termination since workers are forced to quit their jobs due to the treatment that they are receiving. 

One agency where a worker may ask for assistance in this kind of predicament would be that of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This government arm is tasked to handle labor concerns and it can work hand in hand with employment lawyers.

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