Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fighting against Sexual Harassment: What You Need to Know

So you have been a victim of your bosses’ sexually-charged jokes and lewd acts? Being subjected to such disrespect and harassment is indeed so traumatizing. However, you should not let emotions guide the way you act on things. Winning your battle against sexual harassment needs you to be all matured and determined to take on the challenges you will face.

Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment

To help you come up with a better strategy to go and fight for your rights, here are some of the tips from a Los Angeles labor lawyer that can help you in this long and difficult battle:

·        Do not quit. Winners never quit and quitters never win, so the clichĂ© goes; but it is definitely true. Most abused workers would decide to quit as soon as the first or first few incidents of sexual harassment happens. Being abused is indeed scary so it is quite normal for people to think about quitting when abused. For you to be able to seek other legal remedies, you need to first exhaust all efforts possible in your workplace to resolve the issue. So if you’re planning to pursue your case eventually, make sure to stay and file the necessary complaints.

·         Know your company’s policies. Look for sexual harassment clauses in your employee handbook. Remedies to combat sexual harassment are there. Put these to good use.

·           Write it down. Writing details about the abuses against you is the most formal way of filing a complaint. Keeping a written record off all the offenses made against you, helps build the credibility of the complaint you are, or will be, filing.

·          Sex is not the operative word. Unwanted remarks, groping, and sexual overtures are not the only forms of sexual harassment. Any form of harassment against your gender is also considered sexual harassment.

·           Keep reporting forms of harassment and retaliation. Let the authorities know about the continuing offenses you are being subjected to. Report instances of harassment as they happen.

·        You have people behind you. Always remember that you are never alone and your family, friends, and colleagues are cheering for you to continue the fight.

It is not easy to go up against power and abuse. However, having the right mindset, the right information, and help can help ensure your victory against these abusive people.

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