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Discrimination: How Does It Start and How Can You End It

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Nobody deserves to be treated less. All human beings are created equally no matter what their differences are. Everybody has their different skills and abilities that when meshed together can create great results. However some people find it quite hard to open up and treat all of the people with fairness and equality. Some think of others less just because of their physical appearance or because of their race.

Why discrimination happens?

According to studies there are some reasons as to why men discriminate. Here are some of them.

Has something to do with evolution.
Men have adaptive strategies to things that are different to them. This defensive response proved to work well in some situations. However, when acts become prejudice to groups, this response becomes bad and ceases to be adaptive. That is when discrimination happens.

Misrepresentation of facts. Stereotyping may have positive attributes; however, these have harmful effects on their subjects. Negative stereotyping is usually created from a certain truth that has been affecting the sense of self-worth in some people.

Ignorance, fear, anger, or jealousy. These things lead to the formation of bigoted and xenophobic attitudes that hurt others.

Stopping discrimination in the workplace

Now that you understand where discrimination comes from, how do you go around and stop it? First, people who discriminate must be properly educated. By knowing the truths from made-up ideas, one will be able to understand that discrimination has serious effects on the people you inflict it to. One should also be made realize of how seriously these acts affect people. Finally, you must eliminate fear, anger, or jealousy by fostering a positive attitude in the workplace; a harmonious relationship between the workers in a workplace.

Moves to eliminate discrimination in the federal sector

Despite the various laws and efforts made to prevent workplace discrimination, truth is that it still exists. And so the government, through its agencies has been continuously coming up with new projects to promote equality in the workplace. One of those is the No FEAR Act. According to a Los Angeles employment discrimination lawyer this new law has provisions that are specifically made to prevent discrimination among federal sector employees. And so if you have been working in the federal sector and continue to experience discrimination, make sure that you consult an expert lawyer so you could get sensible legal advice and be able to file your complaints as soon as possible.

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